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Stories in black and white.
Leading up to Pride Parades in Toronto and San Francisco, agency Entrinsic and Pride Toronto launched a series of films directed by Jeff Feuerzeig of ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston’ fame that highlights members of Toronto’s LGBT community.

Shot in beautiful black and white, the films focus on a variety of people, from an elderly couple, to a pre-op transgendered person, to a 17-year-old who just came out. Here you can see the highlights from each film, and you can watch them in their entirety on YouTube.

Google partnered with Pride Toronto, so the series will also be housed on a special Google community page.

Pride Toronto, Google+ Create 'Together,' Series Of Short Films For Pride Week 2012

Huffington Post: Pride Toronto, Google+ Create ‘Together,’ Series Of Short Films For Pride Week 2012

Pride Toronto and Google+ have teamed up with renowned documentary maker Jeff Feurzeig (the Devil and Daniel Johnston) to create a series of documentaries for this year’s Pride Week.

Together: Stories by Pride & Google+ profiles a diverse cross-section of Toronto’s LGBT community. Everyone from Hugh & Gerald, a couple who marched in Toronto’s first Pride Parade in 1972, to drag queen, Jonathan.

Our favourite might be Connor’s story. An interview with a 17-year-old teen who came out just days before Feurzeig met up with him. And if you’re wondering why that voice at the end of each video sounds familiar? That’s Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt lending his warbling to the series.

That video and the rest of the Together series are below. You can also get the latest from the Pride Toronto organizers on their site or their Google+ page. The organizers have also put together a list of Canada’s top LGBT voices on the social network.