Pride Toronto, Google+ Create 'Together,' Series Of Short Films For Pride Week 2012

Huffington Post: Pride Toronto, Google+ Create ‘Together,’ Series Of Short Films For Pride Week 2012

Pride Toronto and Google+ have teamed up with renowned documentary maker Jeff Feurzeig (the Devil and Daniel Johnston) to create a series of documentaries for this year’s Pride Week. Together: Stories by Pride & Google+ profiles a diverse cross-section of Toronto’s LGBT community. Everyone from Hugh & Gerald, a couple who marched in Toronto’s first… Read the full article

Laura Albert

Hollywood Reporter: Brett Ratner, Vice Media Partner for JT LeRoy Documentary (Exclusive)

The story of what many have labeled the first literary hoax of the 21st century is getting the documentary treatment. A&E IndieFilms and Brett Ratner’s RatPac Documentary Films are teaming up with youth media company Vice to produce a documentary telling the story of author Laura Albert and her infamous persona JT LeRoy. Jeff Feuerzeig,… Read the full article

JT Leroy Story

Rolling Stone – 25 Movies We Can’t Wait to See at Sundance 2016

Remember when mysterious novelist, abuse survivor and rentboy JT Leroy was the It author of the moment, befriended by rock stars and the literary elite? And then do you remember when the whole thing was exposed as a grand hoax? Filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig — whose The Devil and Daniel Johnston is an extraordinary rock doc — sifts through the strange tale of how Laura Albert invented an imaginary alter ego and then watched her creation eclipse her several times over. DF Jeff Feuerzeig Uncovers The Untold Truth Behind JT LeRoy And The “Literary Hoax Of The Century”

If you followed pop culture in the late ‘90s, the name JT LeRoy was inescapable and in many ways inscrutable. Thought to be a 15 year-old, drug-abusing transgender prostitute from rural West Virginia, LeRoy’s byline began to appear in magazines. Soon, two novels, Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things , were published to great acclaim and even greater fanfare.