Praise for the Devil and Daniel Johnston

“The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a masterpiece that will haunt you long after you’ve left the theater.”

– Mira Jeff, Ain’t It Cool News

“Jeff Feuerzeig’s tremendous documentary runs on the motive force of intelligent fandom and radiates an ineffable grace.”

– Jessica Winter, Village Voice

“The most harrowing and aesthetically keen portrait of madness and artistic inspiration since Crumb.”

– Noel Murray, Onion A.V. Club

“A thoroughly engrossing look at music and madness. As nakedly emotional as it is startling.”

– Bruce Diones, The New Yorker

“The razor’s edge of art and madness.”

– John Anderson, Newsday

“A moving portrait of the artist as his own ghost.”

– Dana Stevens, NY Times

“A true nonfiction film, a movie that tries to do with sound and image what journalists like Nick Tosches (Dino) and Norman Mailer (Armies of the Night) tried to do with prose, bending prose into poetry to find a more subjective route to truth.”

– Matt Zoller Seitz, NY Press

“Like watching the dysfunctional families of Crumb and Capturing the Friedmans.”

– Robert Horton, Seattle Herald

“It’s the way Feuerzeig walks with him on the line between creativity and madness that digs this haunting and hypnotic film into your memory.”

– Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Opens a window on the nature of art and the power of myth. A hot line to the REAL!”

– Greg Burke, LA Weekly

“As a stylist, Feuerzeig is a man of rare talent and startlingly original storytelling. If Johnston is Joe Buck, Feuerzeig is his rambling, audacious Enrico Rizzo.”

– Chris Cabin,

“The Devil feels like something a brilliant schizophrenic might produce during a rare period of clarity.”

– Matt Zoller Seitz, NY Press

“The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a documentary that will haunt you all the way home, and into the night.”

– Kurt Loder, MTV

“The picture is something of a ballad, an ode to an elusive character who’s both quintessentially human and so outlandish he almost seems unreal.”

– Stephanie Zacharek,

“Everything a good documentary should be – is a story of family, friendship, art and fame, as seen through the prisms of exceptional beauty and deepest pain.”

– Elizabeth Weitzman, NY Daily News

“The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a documentary with all the suspense, comedy, pathos and surprise of a great narrative film. It is unfailingly fascinating and tremendously entertaining.”

– John Beifuss, Memphis Online

“The rare documentary possessed with an artistry that transcends its subject.”

– Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

“Dare I say even Dave Eggers would consider this film a heartbreaking work of staggering genius?”

– Mira Jeff, Ain’t It Cool News

“Devil leads us into that dark, uncharted valley where evil, genius, divine inspiration, insanity — and other unfathomable mysteries — commingle.”

– Desson Thomson, Washington Post

“The Devil and Daniel Johnston somehow has the power to be both emotionally resonant and completely entertaining. A definitive statement of an artist who can’t get rid of the monsters in his head.”

– Chris Cabin,